Management Team

FeaturedOurTeamMurray CEO (Chief Eating Officer)

Since he was just a pup, Murray knew his insatiable appetite would take him places.  As CEO of Fat Murray’s, Murray is able to utilize his love for snacking on a daily basis.  Every batch of cookies must be met by Murray’s lick of approval before being shipped.

Murray recently appointed himself the title of Chief Taste Tester, though he has assumed these responsibilities since the very beginning.

Barney- COO

Very meticulous to details, Barney has always had a knack for making sure things are in order.  Barney is known for being vocal and always in the know.

As Murray’s younger brother and COO of the company, Barney dutifully checks inventory and keeps track of all orders, keeping his brother (and brothers’ waist) in line.

Chewy– Marketing & Social Director

Chewy is constantly the center of attention, causing a scene wherever he goes. Chewy knows how to work a party.

Promoting Fat Murray’s at the hottest events, the park and doggy day care are just a few of his favorite past times.


Murray’s nephew, Chunk is the most recent addition to the family business.  We’re not quite sure what his official role is, but whatever he does, is done with a smile on his face.

One thing we do know is for certain- Chunk’s tail is constantly wagging and he can always be found with a stick in his mouth.

Ronnie- Head Baker & Murray’s Personal Assistant

When she’s not baking doggie treats or taking snackie orders, Ronnie caters to Murray’s needs and demands.  Ronnie is truly the (two legged) force behind Fat Murray’s treats.  Without her, the company would go to the dogs.