Our Story

The story of Fat Murray’s is truly a dream come true for both me and my beloved Basset Hound, Murray.

I have always been an entrepreneur at heart and Murray has always had a salacious appetite.  They say timing is everything and that it is.

Having just been let go from my strenuous corporate job, I was entertaining friends in my kitchen one afternoon, pondering what my  next step was going to be.  While my friends were offering advice and suggestions, the conversation suddenly halted as all eyes were drawn to my big boned basset hound, Murray.

Murray, with all his might, had hoisted himself onto the kitchen table and within seconds, devoured a plateful of healthy natural (people) cookies I baked that morning.   And the rest is history!!!!

My days are spent baking all- natural treats for my big boned “fat” Murray, his brother Barney, and all his four legged friends.  Yes, my life has truly gone to the dogs but I couldn’t be happier!!!!!

From Fat Murray’s with licks and kisses,