It all started with "Fat" Murray himself and his brother Barney. Since he was just a pup, Murray knew that his insatiable appetite would take him places. As CEO (chief eating officer) of Fat Murray's, Murray was able to utilize his love of snacking on a daily basis. He lived a life of luxury until the end... and then it was time to pass the torch.


The new CEO's, Deebo & Gemma, may not be Basset Hounds, but they share the same love for Fat Murray's homemade doggy treats as Murray and Barney had. Their daily job duties consist of staring at the ovens, hoping the doors will magically open and spill cookies onto the floor, and blocking me in any way possible from trying to pack boxes to ship. (i.e.: sitting on my packing supplies, popping my bubble wrap and taking off with an "off-limits" cookie on occasion. It's not easy to find good help these days - at least they're cute! -Danielle McGrath (Owner)